What to bring

Coming to a Rippin Chix camp is no different than what you would take on any regular weekend of skiing but just in case, here are a few things for you to consider when planning your time with us. 

We recommend that you have skis that are a minimum 100mm underfoot. We are a steep skiing camp that caters to helping you improve your skills off the groomers, in a variety of terrain and conditions. Skis that are 100mm + underfoot are better suited for this kind of skiing which is why we make this suggestion. 

Resort Camp: If you are participating in a resort camp, skis less than 100mm underfoot will suffice but you may find it more challenging depending on the conditions.  We have demo skis available for camp participants if you are looking for something new or don't have a wider ski. 

Cat Skiing Camp: Our cat skiing camps we created with the intention to ski powder your entire camp and it is highly recommended for the sake of your own enjoyment you come with a 100mm + ski. If you do not have a "powder" ski we have free demo skis available for camp participants. 

Ski Touring Camp: Take your touring skis and skins for a test run before coming to camp. Make sure your skis are waxed, edges are sharpened, your bindings are functioning well, your skins have lots of glue on them and have been cut for your skis. 

Make sure you have tested your boots to ensure they work with the binding on your skis and you have checked your DIN setting for safety prior to camp. 

Resort/Cat Skiing Camp:
 If you have an alpine boot, we recommend you use these over a touring boot. Touring boots generally tend to be very upright and can make it more difficult to get the proper body position which affects our ability to improve skiing technique. 

Ski Touring Camp: Bring the boot that works with the bindings you have on your touring setup. This could be a touring-specific boot or an alpine boot that fits with an alpine touring setup. 

Poles with larger baskets are more conducive to skiing powder, steep terrain, variable conditions and navigating more challenging entrances, obstacles and features. 


Pack for all ski conditions, even rain. We suggest bringing extras (mitts/gloves, socks, warm layers etc.) just in case. 


Helmets are mandatory at Rippin Chix camps for insurance purposes. 


Resort Camp: We do not want participants skiing with packs at our resort camps as they can affect balance and maneuverability in some of the drills we do. You are welcome to bring a pack with your lunch/extra layers/gear and stash it where we lunch. You do not need a beacon/shovel/probe at resort camps. 

Ski Touring/Cat Camp: Packs are mandatory for carrying shovel/probe along with lunches, snacks and "extras" to maintain warmth and comfort for a day in the backcountry. Beacons are also mandatory and we expect all participants to be familiar and practiced with their beacons prior to attending camp.

(Backcountry Snowcats provides pack, shovel, probe and beacons)