Unveiling the Heavenly Secrets of Apex Mountain

Unveiling the Heavenly Secrets of Apex Mountain

If you haven’t heard of Apex Mountain Resort before or haven’t thought of visiting there , here  is why it stands out as a great choice for one of our Rippin’ Chix Camps. Nestled in the Okanagan Range of British Columbia, near Penticton, Apex offers an unforgettable setting that perfectly complements our mission of empowering women through skiing. 

Thinking about whether Apex is the camp for you? Here are a few reasons why we love hosting our women’s camps at Apex:

1. Apex is a true winter wonderland, draped in some of British Columbia’s lightest snow  and surrounded by rolling mountains as far as the eyes can see, providing a superb backdrop for our ski camp.  There are lots of great little stashes of fresh snow and we love its beautiful gladed skiing.

2. No crowds mid week means more skiing! It truly feels like our own private ski area. Additionally  with our small group approach (6:1 maximum), we can provide participants with personalized attention from coaches, ensuring that everyone’s unique goals and challenges are addressed. This close-knit experience encourages camaraderie and lasting connections among participants. Plus the lifties will probably recognize you by the end of your stay!

3.There is varied terrain for all skill levels.  From perfectly groomed steep cruisers to challenging glades. The mountain allows participants the opportunity to grow their confidence and skills while exploring terrain that suits their abilities and work their way up to the next more challenging run. There are some heavenly off-piste features to be discovered!

4. Supportive coaching and a positive mindset is at the heart of our ski camps. Apex provides the perfect canvas for our highly experienced female coaches to guide participants towards mastering their skiing techniques. The nurturing and empowering environment we focus on lines up with Apex's commitment to creating a welcoming  atmosphere. A big perk of this camp is the availability of the coaches to answer any questions you have about skiing and ski touring.

5. Adventure beyond the slopes, while definitely not your mega resort, Apex Mountain offers a fun range of activities to complement the ski camp experience. Whether it's partaking in classic après-ski at the Gunbarrel Saloon, sampling some wines the area is famous for or trying out the Adventure Ice Skating Loop, fun will be had.

Ready to take your skiing to new heights?  Whether you're aiming to conquer new terrain or refine your techniques, Apex Mountain and Rippin' Chix are your partners in achieving your skiing goals. To get to Apex you can fly into Penticton Regional Airport (YYF) or into the larger Kelowna International Airport (YLW) and rent a car for the 90 minute drive.  Apex is a five hour drive from Vancouver or Spokane, six hours from Seattle.

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