Whistler, BC


Have you ever dreamed of being in big, beautiful mountains and skiing endless powder? Make it a reality! We have teamed up with Callaghan Country to create an all ladies, 100% off-piste-self-propelled skiing adventure camp. This camp is your best opportunity to learn tips and tricks to make powder and tree skiing effortless and even MORE fun while ski touring in some of the BC's finest Coast Mountain Range.

BONUS! Rippin’ Chix "Drops In"!

In a special collaboration, we’re partnering up with our friends at Drop Below the Surface Retreats!

Inspired by this stunning off-the-grid location and the surrounding nature, we’ll take what we experience on the mountain and infuse it into our everyday lives.

Led by DBS founders and Rippin’ Chix alumni, skiers on this trip will have the chance to press pause, tap into your own curiosity, and embrace your inner badass in a whole new way!

Have you ever found yourself standing at the top of the mountain you have worked so hard to climb (physically or metaphorically), your goal in sight but there is something - fear, nerves, anxiety, self-doubt, that little voice in your head saying "you can't do it", holding you back?

You’re not alone – but it’s in those moments that we need to remind ourselves that it doesn't always matter the direction, how straight the path, how clear the vision or the pace at which we go, but that we keep taking steps forward.

Join us at this camp as we partner alongside you to lean into our stretch zones and listen to the inner whispers nudging us towards the knowledge that we have everything we need within ourselves for the now and next.

This Backcountry Ski Touring Retreat experience intends to integrate the power of pressing pause in nature and enlivening the five senses with thoughtful experiential questions/activities to help you embrace your inner badass - not just in the mountains but in all areas of your life. 



  • Two days of ACMG guided ski touring and ski coaching
  • Two nights of off-the-grid accommodation at Journeyman Lodge
  • Meals: Apres-ski appetizers, three-course dinner, continental breakfast and bagged lunch 
  • Use of lodge amenities - toboggans, snowshoes, sauna
  • Après skiing video analysis and review by Rippin Chix coaches
  • Drop Below the Surface experience to explore and expand your mind and body, lean into and grow your strengths
  • Mechanized transfer into and out of the lodge


Pre-camp Intro Call  - Date- Time TBA  (will be about two weeks before the trip)

  • Warm welcome and introductions 
  • Set the stage 
  • What are you wondering about?
  • Plant the seeds for a life changing trip


Day 1 - March 24

  • In-person introduction - Your "Why"
  • Transport to lodge 
  • Companion rescue review with guide 
  • Lunch + Connection and Noticing Exercise (optional)
  • Afternoon ski tour
  • Apres / Free time 
  • Dinner + Reflection on the day (optional)
  • Free time 


Day 2 - March 25

  • Morning Meditation (optional)
  • Breakfast + Connection and Noticing (optional)
  • Review of conditions with guide  
  • Full day touring 
  • Apres / Free time 
  • Dinner + Reflection on the day (optional)
  • Free time 


Day 3 - March 26

  • Morning Meditation  (optional) 
  • Breakfast + Connection and Noticing (optional)
  • Review of Conditions with guide
  • Morning Ski Tour
  • Transport to parking + send-off




Callaghan Country - Routes of Wilderness 
#4 Callaghan Valley Road
PO Box 284, Whistler BC, V0N 1B0


Journeyman Lodge   


USD $1850

Spaces are limited but we have a waitlist for last-minute changes


"It (DBS) was a tremendous addition and really enriched the camp. We created better bonds, got to know one another and ourselves. Made us think about our why. It was practical, natural feeling and all-around wonderful. " - Heather