Resort Camp

What is "Steeps Camp"?

Two days in our women's ski camp with our expert coaching will give you a whole toolbox of skills and confidence so that you can ski lines you never thought possible. 

If you can link 10 consecutive turns on un-groomed terrain but perhaps you’re lacking the finesse, consistency or head space to feel really good about it, we will show you it is not always about making the perfect turn but having the right tools to navigate the entire mountain with ease.

Many of the small step, steeps skill progressions will be practiced on groomers, then brought into un-groomed terrain and finally steeper terrain as we work together developing technique and self assurance. 


Whitewater, BC
Apex, BC
Alpental, WA
Alta, UT

Check out our: Skills Reference Guide 



Ski Touring Camp

What is "Backcountry Ski Touring"?

Hike up and ski down. Our three day guided and coached ski touring camp epitomizes the phrase 'earn your turns.’ With no lift or lines, you can truly embrace the access, beauty and adventure human powered skiing will take you on. 

This camp is geared for skiers who have skied powder before and are looking to improve. We provide the coaching on how to handle the uphill travel, gear transitions and skiing un-groomed steep terrain with confidence. It is ok to be nervous, as long as you bring some experience in powder, a willingness to improve your off-piste skiing and a strong level of physical fitness.

Our all ladies, ski touring, adventure camp is the best opportunity to ski deep untouched snow, while also learning tips and tricks to make the touring easier and going down effortless and MORE fun!  


Whistler BC - Journeyman Lodge

Check out our: Skills Reference Guide



Cat Skiing Camp

What is "Backcountry Cat Skiing"?

Have you ever dreamed of being in big beautiful mountains as far as the eye can see, getting dropped off on top, skiing endless powder and sharing it only with your small group? 

This camp is geared for skiers who have skied powder before and are looking to improve. At our all-inclusive two day cat skiing camp, we will build your confidence in un-groomed steep terrain with experienced and knowledgeable ski coaching and guides. This women's ski camp will provide you the chance to improve your powder and tree skiing skills.

For this camp you will need to bring a sense of adventure,  some experience skiing powder, a desire to improve your off-piste skiing and a decent level of physical fitness.

Pemberton BC - Backcountry Snow Cats - SOLD OUT 

Check out our: Skills Reference Guide