Growth Lives at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone

Growth Lives at the Edge of Your Comfort Zone

Hands down, every season brings challenges and learning experiences for us as small business owners. Our goal at the end of last season was to grow the camps and coach more women this winter.

With that goal in mind, we built a new website, expanded our mailing list, boosted our social media presence, and improved our marketing efforts. It worked! Our camps were sold out as we rolled into January. What we weren't expecting were the extreme weather conditions. As our first set of camps started, so did the -30°C weather. By the time our second set of camps arrived, so did the rain.

We took charge of everything within our control to grow the camps. While we managed the planning and logistics, the weather was unpredictable, and our growth was inversely related to the snowpack.

Despite our best efforts, we learned that some things are beyond our control. It’s in these uncomfortable, challenging experiences that we grow the most.

In these setbacks, we discovered invaluable lessons about resilience and adaptability, which tie back into skiing. Naturally we had to share these "Aha!" moments with our community.

Here are our key takeaways from a winter that pushed us all beyond our comfort zones.

Remain Flexible, Roll with the Punches
Flexibility is key in both skiing and business. Just as snow conditions can change rapidly, so can the challenges of running a successful ski camp. This winter taught us to adapt quickly, altering our training sessions to suit the terrain and weather conditions. Embracing flexibility allowed us to provide a continuous learning experience for our campers, ensuring they could still learn valuable skills despite less-than-ideal conditions. We often say, "You don't get good at skiing in the best conditions but in the worst ones."

We All Have Bad Days, Show Up Anyway
Mentally and physically tough days happen to the best of us. These are the moments when it’s hardest to show up, yet they are crucial for growth. We encourage our participants to push through challenging moments because they often lead to the greatest personal and athletic development. This winter, our commitment to showing up—despite adversity—was mirrored by our campers, creating a collective strength that inspired us all to keep moving forward.


Progress Over Perfection
With twice as many participants this year, we faced twice the workload. Balancing this with providing top-notch coaching meant recognizing that progress is more important than perfection. Our goal has always been to help women feel comfortable on their skis and conquer new terrain. This season reinforced the importance of taking consistent steps forward, not perfect ones. For our campers, it might mean tackling a challenging feature or run. For us, it meant managing our growing community while continuing to deliver exceptional experiences, even if everything wasn’t perfect. We appreciate everyone who saw the imperfections but recognized our greater goal of ensuring everyone felt safe and had a great experience.

Have Fun!!!
Amidst all the challenges and expectations, it’s essential not to lose sight of why we do this: because it’s fun and brings us joy. This winter reminded us that despite the pressures to grow and excel, the heart of our camp lies in the joy of skiing and the camaraderie it fosters. We encouraged our campers—and ourselves—to embrace the fun, laugh at mishaps, and celebrate every small victory. After all, skiing is about enjoying the ride as much as reaching the destination.

This winter tested us in ways we never anticipated, but it also strengthened our resolve and deepened our appreciation for the incredible community we've built with all our Rippin Chix Ski participants. As we look ahead, we remain committed to providing a supportive, empowering environment for women to learn, grow, and have fun on the slopes. We’re excited to continue this journey with you, no matter what challenges come our way. Let’s keep pushing boundaries, supporting each other, and most importantly, enjoying our time doing it!



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